black fitted tee shirt with white maltese cross emblazoned on front
red fitted tee shirt with white maltese cross emblazoned on front

Hospitaller Fitted Tee

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“Defense of the Catholic Faith and Assistance to the Poor”

The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, commonly known as the Knights Hospitaller, is the world’s oldest surviving chivalric military order. Founded by “Blessed Gerard” Thom in the eleventh century, the Knights Hospitaller were initially formed to care for wounded, ill, or impoverished pilgrims making their way to the holy land. However, the order saw a subtle militarization under the stewardship subsequent grand masters. As the order grew in both membership and reputation, the role of the Hospitallers transitioned from caretakers to armed escorts to that of a fully-fledged and sovereign military power. The Knights Hospitaller saw combat in some of the most decisive battles of the crusades, including the first Siege of Acre and the Battle of Arsuf, two key (albeit costly) Crusader victories over Saladin and the Ayuubids during the third crusade, which would ultimately prove unsuccessful in the recapture of Jerusalem. Today, under the cognomen Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Hospitallers retain their military traditions and continue the work they began almost a millennium ago.

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